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Elevate FAQ’s

A new chapter in our credit union history is just around the corner. Beginning January 2020, Box Elder County Credit Union will change to Elevate Credit Union.

Changing our name is not about departing from our roots, but rather, opening ourselves up to opportunities to help and serve more people. As a member you will experience the same great service, same great people and enjoy a fun, new look.

We know you might have questions and we are happy to answer them. Below are some frequently asked questions. If you find you have a question that isn’t listed below email or text us at 435.723.3437.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing the name after 65 years?

 As we expand into other counties and areas we wanted a name we could grow with so people understand that they too can be a member of the credit union. It’s not about departing from our roots, but rather, opening ourselves up to opportunities to help and serve more people.

 Is the name change the result of a merger?

 No. Our new name will better reflect who we already are and who we are able to serve.

 When will the name change take effect?

 We will officially become Elevate Credit Union on Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

 Will the name change affect my membership status?

 Not at all. The name change has no impact on member status. You and your fellow members will always be our credit union’s owners.

 Will my account number(s) stay the same?


 Will the routing number stay the same?

 Yes, the routing number will stay the same.

 Do I need to order new checks?

 No, your Box Elder Credit Union checks can be used until they are gone.

 Will my checks, debit card, and credit card still work if they have the Box Elder County Credit Union logo on them?

 Yes, they will still work.

 Will I be getting new debit/credit cards that say Elevate Credit Union on them?

 When your existing cards expire, we’ll provide you with your cool new cards that have Elevate Credit Union on them. If you don’t want to wait until your existing card expires you can request a new card for $5.

Do I need to notify my employer regarding my direct deposit?

No. All information sent to Box Elder County Credit Union will continue to be processed by Elevate Credit Union.

What is the new website address? You’ll be automatically directed to this new site if you put in our old web address.

 Who do I contact if I have more questions?

 Our employees are happy to answer any questions you may have about our new name and rebrand. Feel free to call or text us at
(435) 723.3437 or visit the “Contact Us” page on our website.

 I use online bill pay. Will vendors recongize the routing number with a different name?

 Yes. These transactions are based off of a routing number. Our routing number will remain the same.

 Will my login change for home banking, bill pay, and mobile banking?

 No. Your account information will remain the same. However, you will need to download our new Elevate Credit Union app in your App Store.

 I am a business, and I have a Box Elder Credit Union stamp. Do I need to update my stamp?

 Yes. You will need to update your stamp to be Elevate Credit Union. Try to do this as soon as you are able. There will be a small grace period for our business accounts while you work on getting this done.

If you want live updates as we transition to Elevate Credit Union, follow us on social media! If you already follow us, no need to do anything—our brand changes will be reflected on our existing social media accounts.

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