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We can help! We realize that unforeseen financial circumstances arise throughout the year. This is the reason we designed the Box Elder Credit Union Skip-A-Pay* program for our members. If you suddenly need to replace a leaking water heater, fix a broken garage door, or pay for the holidays and find yourself short on cash, you can skip a loan payment to help yourself out.

How does it work?

Skip-A-Pay applies to loans that are in good standing, and a one-time $25 processing fee will be assessed. You can delay one loan payment up to two times during the year.

Skip one loan payment up to two times during the year

Creates peace of mind at stressful times

Available on most auto loan and personal loans

Only $25 per deferral

Instructions for Getting Started

Read the instructions below before beginning:

TIP: You will need the name and email address of all the people on the loan (borrower, co-borrower, guarantor).

Step 1 - Step 3

STEP 1:  Click on the Skip-A-Payment button below

STEP 2:  Enter YOUR name and email address in the “Initiator” section

STEP 3:  If you have any other borrowers or guarantors on your loan, enter each of their names and emails in the “Subsequent Signer” section

Step 4 - Step 6

STEP 4:  Click “Begin Signing” in the lower right corner

STEP 5:  If you agree, click the box next to the yellow arrow that says “I agree to use Electronic Records and Signatures”


Step 7 - Step 9

STEP 7:  Fill in the application as completely as possible

STEP 8:  On the “Borrower Signature” line click “SIGN”


Step 10 - Step 11

STEP 10:  Click “FINISH” in the lower right corner

STEP 11:  If there are other people on the loan the form will be forwarded to their email to sign.

It’s Easy to Apply!

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Once all borrowers have signed, the form will be sent securely to the Credit Union. Applications are processed during business hours. An employee of the Credit Union will contact you.

*Skip-A-Payment is valid only for consumer loans in good standing which do not exceed 115% LTV. Your request is subject to approval. All loans must be current for at least 180 days and have not been in a loan modification plan to qualify for a Skip-A-Payment.

**If your loan payment is normally paid by automatic transfer from another institution (ACH), the funds will be deposited to your savings account instead of being applied to the loan for the month you have requested to defer your payment.