Credit Union Name Change Contest

In the beginning we were Intermountain Indian School Credit Union. As we grew and things changed we became Box Elder County Credit Union. Today we are still growing, and our field of membership is expanding to new areas. We are the same great Credit Union but it’s time for us to find a new name. Who better to help rename the Credit Union than it’s amazing members! Submit your awesome ideas and help us create a new chapter in our story. If we choose your idea we will give you $300!

Contest Rules

Must be a member to enter

One entry per person

Enter up to 3 ideas on the form

Keep name idea short and sweet...Just 1 or 2 words not including the words credit union

If two people choose the same idea the person who submitted it first will receive the $300

Name ideas should not reflect a specific place such as Brigham City Credit Union or Utah Credit Union

Entry deadline is February 24, 2016

The winner will be announced by April 4th

Credit Union Name Contest Form